2016 AFL Betting & Odds

AFL or Aussie Rules has come to dominate the sporting landscape, finding its way into most states and mustering up support from fans that know no limits when it comes to fanaticism. The 2016 season comprises 18 teams and often pits state against state and city against city.

This year, the season kicked off on the Easter long weekend on March 28, after a strong showing at the pre-season NAB Cup, where even the Demons saw some early successes. The strong punter wanting to test his knowledge gets involved early in the season and even gets behind a few bets for the NAB Cup, testing his or her numbers and formulating the best plan of attack in moving ahead over each round of footy.

This year, there are 23 rounds of action, followed by a final series and a grand final, which is typically played throughout September and culminates on the big Grand Final Day on the last weekend in September, a day worth penciling into the diary

A guide to AFL betting

A full range of betting options position punters well for the season and ensure that, on a weekly basis, there is enough variety built into the spreadsheet to provide great returns. Some of the following are just examples of what’s on offer.


The home base of betting. Where to head when you’re feeling lucky or even when you’re out of luck. This is where most newcomers land if they’ve been off following other codes and want to immerse themselves in the excitement of the game. AFL contests are dynamic and full of action so a head-to-head bet can provide solid value if you’re up for taking a chance on one of the smaller teams who love a good upset.

Line betting

Traditionally, this bet works well across all sports but it is a particularly solid bet when it comes to Aussie rules. The game brings significant margins. Look at the 2015 Grand Final. If you took a punt on the Hawks to win and win by a margin of at least 40 points, that is ‘-40’ margin on the betting form, you’d have taken home a sizeable kitty. Bet with guts if you’re a thrill seeker but bet sensibly if you want to get a decent return.

Other bets

AFL is a unique version of footy, blending elements of Gaelic Football with rugby to produce a truly amazing spectacle. There are bets that cater for the uniqueness of the game, such as the most disposals, which is the player who legally ‘disposes’ (kick or punt) of the ball over the full four quarters. Another form of exotic betting is the multi-leg betting, where a wager on a number of games can give generous returns.