Brownlow Medal betting is extremely popular in AFL since winning the award is considered the greatest individual honour within the sport. The Brownlow Medal is presented at the end of the season to the player chosen as the best and fairest during the home and away series.

The history of the award goes way back to 1924 where it was named after the Geelong player and Victorian Football League president Charlie Brownlow. He was also a major force behind the creation of the Victorian Football League.


Brownlow Medal betting coincides with the winner of the award being determined by umpires throughout the regular season of play. But, final series matches are not included.

Following each game of the 22 round season, the three field umpires present three points, two points and one point to the first, second and third best player on the field. Players are immediately disqualified from winning the award if any disciplinary action by the tribunal is received during the season. On the night of the Brownlow Medal, all the votes are tallied up and a winner is awarded the prize. Multiple winners are allowed too.

Brownlow Medal betting is popular as it always proves to have value. Also, since the decision is never definite until the final few rounds’ votes are calculated, this makes it a thrilling market for punters to get involved in.

On the other hand, despite Brownlow Medal betting being popular, it can be unpredictable because of the character of the results. That is why offers a broad range of markets for punting on the award, like head-to-head categories and overall winner.


  • Punt on players in teams that will appear in the top eight.
  • Choose players that don’t have a large amount of team competition.
    The ability to pick impressive players in average to good sides can prove valuable in Brownlow Medal betting.
  • Pick players who will feature in the mid-field.
    It has become quite clear over time by gauging the previous winners and the prices of that season that the mid-fielders should, and do, dominate the wagering.
  • Take a chance on breakout contenders.
    To achieve the best odds possible when Brownlow Medal betting, it’s necessary to place your stakes before the season begins or during the first few weeks of the season. Watching pre-season games can provide an insight into players’ current performance.
  • Review the durability of players over previous seasons. Assessing whether players have a history of suspensions can affect who you decide to punt on, since the prize is awarded to the best and fairest participant.