Coleman Betting 2016

This type of bet is for the AFL punter who likes to get behind a game of footy for the goals. The Coleman Medal rewards the player who, over the course of the season, has kicked the most goals during the home and away contests. These phenomenal athletes on field are the glory hunters, usually a full forward or sitting in the pocket up front. Unlike the Brownlow Medalist, who is often the most consistent, most dynamic player, this prestigious medal is awarded to the player who slots them like there’s no tomorrow.

Named after famous former Essendon player John Coleman, who scored 537 goals in 98 games from 1949 to 1953, this award is worth betting on if you’re an aficionado of the game.

A guide to Coleman Medal betting

Betting on the Coleman Medal is relatively straightforward. But it’s not as easy as just identifying strong teams and isolating their leading goal scorers or picking those full forwards who like to punch with the boot. Sometimes, over the course of the season, players emerge as dynamite for opposition teams and some of the legends in this category include Gary Ablett, Sr. from Geelong and Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, who shot to success playing for two different clubs. The winner in 2015 was Josh Kennedy for West Coast, who scored 80 goals across the season.

At Luxbet, our advice here is get to know your players and not just the full forwards and take into account pre-season clashes, whilst keeping your finger on the pulse for injuries that can take someone out of the running for the Coleman Medal stoush. Unlike the Brownlow medal, which rewards consistency, this type of bet rewards sheer talent, particularly talented blokes on field who can see straight and aim accordingly.

Historically, some of the winners of this prestigious award have come from those teams that have ‘broke out’, which meant that, at some point in the season, they leapt away from the competition, as one of their forward players hit their stride and started to slot them regularly.

This happened when Geelong won in 2007, Hawthorn in 2008 and St. Kilda in 2009. When looking for value at the beginning of the season, Luxbet punters are encouraged to keep in mind that it’s possible that lesser-known forwards often stand a chance at kicking the most goals. This year, keep a finger on the pulse for fellas from the Dees or Gold Coast, but in this game, you never know for sure until the season is done.