AFL Grand Final


This is the day that reverberates from the MCG throughout the land. The day where gigantic flags wave and roll and the players emerge from the bowels of the G, bursting through the colours emblazoned across their team flag and onto hallowed turf. AFL Grand Final day. It’s the pinnacle of sporting prowess in Australia. These contests are often marked by high intensity, high scoring, all-out-encounters that are as memorable as they are thrilling.

Taking place on the last Saturday in September after 23 rounds and a ferocious finals series, this day attracts record crowds, even by international standards, where numbers at the Ground breach 100,000. It sits as the jewel in the crown of Australian sport and is the largest non-international sporting championship in the world. A sight for sore eyes indeed!

A guide to AFL finals betting

There is no doubt that many punters come out of the woodwork for this special day and the odds reflect the volume of people that vote as much with their head as they do with their guts. The spreads can therefore be quite significant. Line betting emerges as a popular choice given that some of the margins in AFL, particularly on Grand Final Day, can be quite substantial. However, by far and away the surest and safest bet is the head-to-head, backing the team that you think has the gall to take the pennant as premiers.

Outside bets that are unique to this truly Australian code, include betting on the most disposals, usually a centre or ruck player, or even betting on the Norm Smith medallist, the best player on field.

Does history repeat itself?

Speak to a pro punter and they’ll tell you the value of getting to know your stats. Recent history can say a lot about what is going to happen on grand final day. If you’re a Hawks fan, it’s worth putting a futures bet down if you’ve been watching these last few seasons. But those same pro punters will also probably tell you that this is the beautiful game of football and that, on the day, anything can happen.

Odds tap into the statistics on offer but they also need to factor in things outside player control like weather, how teams perform away from home and whether certain players have what it takes to drown out the chants of 100,000 cheering fans and focus on the task at hand. Having a close eye on the injury list, who is scoring in recent games and the head-to-head stats on these two teams from earlier in the season is the best way to capitalise on the day.

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