makes it possible for punters to bet on a wide range of sporting events. In some cases, betting options are available for non-sporting events as well, including Australian Election results. A brief look through’s online betting menu will display what sports and events are available, and what odds are being offered.

Most of the major sports from around the world are covered by, but punters may not be aware of some of the other minor and/or fringe sports that are available. These include all sports betting options such as:




Martial Arts



Ice Hockey


Field Hockey



Motor Sport

Click on any of these options to see what events, tournaments, leagues are offered by Any category that is greyed out currently does not have any betting options available. also has a Special Events category, where specific tournaments or events are offered for betting purposes. These are for events that do not warrant having a category on its own.

Exotics betting options include categories that sit in and around specific sports. Predictions for best and fairest, end of season medal winners, and weekly super-coach votes for best player are some examples of exotics betting.

Other Sports Betting Options

Match Betting

Depending on the sport, specific match betting options will be made available. This may include head to head winners (either as a team or an individual), unders/overs results – either by score or by end result, and in some cases the method of winning – as in boxing or martial arts. Some sports may also offer odds on where competitors finish up, as in golf (top 5, top 10, top 20 etc).


Many of the sports listed above will have futures betting options available. Winners of tournaments, series, leagues etc are ideal options.