At Luxbet we know of the passion and the spirit of soccer. That’s why we cover all of the most popular leagues. Soccer remains the most watched and most played sport in the world. We aim to give you access to every part of the game because we know that each pass, each touch of the ball, each cross, each tackle, each and every second of the game is important. From the EPL, Australian A-League, The Champions League, the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga all the way to the World Cup 2014, we have it covered.

Soccer Betting is an exciting way to become involved in the sport as there is so much to know. It is a game featuring 11 players on each team; a competitive game; a game that is watched by more than a quarter of the world’s population; a game requiring so much skill and so many tactics that it is still evolving; the only game that can truly be called ‘football'; with 90 emotions in 90 minutes it’s much more than a game; it’s a lifestyle, get involved with soccer betting and you’ll agree.

With so many high quality leagues around the world you can pretty much bet on soccer all year around. The most popular is the EPL, the current leaders are Manchester City and their striker Sergio Aguero is a force to be reckoned with, he might even take top goal scorer for the season.


At Luxbet we provide soccer betting for everyone. With an eclectic amount of teams that you can bet on, Luxbet is the one destination for your soccer betting. The Australian A-League or the Israeli Liga Leumit, you name it we got it covered.

Match Betting

The most predominant betting style for soccer is match betting. You can bet on the result, the half time/ full time score, or first scorer. With soccer betting you might want to try your luck with something different. Why not have a punt in the Egyptian Premiere League, choose wisely though, these teams are full of world class players ready to strike a goal any chance they get.


Form is crucial when it comes to soccer betting, teams have a tendency to have low points in the season and this can happen quite a lot. In the Scottish premiere League with the two soccer giants, The Celtics and The Rangers, one always has the upper hand over the other. These two teams prove once again that soccer can bring together nations but can also tear them apart.

Live betting

Betting whilst a match is taking place in front of you can be very exciting, especially with the English Premiere League. When a team like Arsenal is trailing all game, just to be saved by a Robin Van Persie strike, it shows the class of world footballers but also keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the dying seconds and if you bet correctly it can provide great dividends with quite generous odds.


Futures are available prior to the beginning of a competition, whether you’re ready to choose a winner for the World Cup 2014 or if you don’t want to wait that long, there are bets available at all times for popular leagues around the world. Club futures include a lot of potentials, such as most wins for the campaign, top goal scorer or who will have the most clean sheets. Everyone has their favourites going into a competition; why not make it official and place a bet on your potential candidate.

Live betting

With live betting you can bet whilst the game is playing, choose who’s going to score the next goal or what the score will be like at half time. Whether it’s the German Bundesliga or the Italian Serie A just remember it’s more exciting when it’s live.