Every Season the best football clubs from all around Europe qualify for The Champions league. It is the most prestigious club competition in the world. What better to watch than the world’s best ‘battle it out’ for a place in history. The Champions League trophy remains the most illustrious trophy to date, normally the winners are given the trophy for a year until the next team wins, but if the club is so good that they win it 5 times, they can keep it. Real Madrid, AC Milan and Liverpool are the only teams to have achieved this.

At Luxbet we have all your betting needs covered for this incredible tournament. If it’s soccer you want to bet on, then some Champions League betting is the right thing to do. The competition starts around September when 32 of the world’s best teams split into 8 groups, who then verse each other in a home and away round-robin format. After the Winter break the knockout stages commence in a head to head format, followed up by the finals which are normally played in May. Few teams actually make it this far but the ones that do are well known around the world.


Match betting

Match betting is the preferred choice of betting style for this competition. You can bet on the first scorer, the half time score, the full time score and several more options. Champions League betting is more predominant in the group stages. You can bet on who will win a certain match or who will make it to the knockout stages. Initially there are 32 teams. That’s a lot of games to be played and don’t rule out the lesser known teams, it’s their competition too, and they will play just as hard as everyone else. Later on in the competition whether it be the knock out stages or the final four you will have an idea on who you think will win, making for a more exciting final.


You may need a lot of foresight trying to pick the winners of the group stages or even the winner of the whole competition but that’s not all of your options. Futures for Champions League betting include a lot of potentials, such as most wins for the campaign, top goal scorer or who will have the most clean sheets. Everyone has their favourites going in to the competition, why not make it official and place a bet on your potential candidate.

Live betting

Live Champions League betting is hard because it is based in Europe. Because we’re in Australia, we’re at a slight disadvantage when we want to enjoy a game ‘live’, but reason enough, sport is why we get up in the morning and what better sport to get up at 4am for, than soccer. With live betting you can bet whilst the game is playing, choose who’s going to score the next goal, or what the score will be like at half time. Remember it’s more exciting when it’s live.