English Premier League

The English Premier League, The EPL and The Premier League – all are the same thing, but whatever you want to call it, it is the best football league in the world. Every season the competition gets tighter with more and more money being spent on the super class of international players who come from all over the world making teams extremely versatile.

EPL betting is almost all year around because the season runs between the months of August and May. The EPL is contested each season by 20 clubs and operates on a relegation and promotion system. The team with the most points by the end of a campaign is crowned the winner, there are no finals, which makes each and every game so important. On the other end of the spectrum the 3 clubs with the least amount of points are demoted to the lower soccer division, known as the Championship, which means 3 of the top clubs from the Championship are promoted to the EPL.

Luxbet knows of the options of betting on the EPL and are here to account for every better’s needs. Living in Australia we’re at a disadvantage, the games are broadcast between 9pm and 4am, but don’t let that be a put off, the EPL produces some of the most exciting soccer you can ever watch.



The EPL is a league where it is ever changing, from what used to be the big four, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. There are now at least 6 teams fighting it out for top position, with new boys Manchester City and Tottenham now on the scene. Futures are an important part of EPL betting. What better way to ‘kick off’ the EPL season than to predict who will qualify for the Champions League, who will accumulate the most points and win the season, and who will be relegated.

Betting on the result

With games being played almost every weekend, EPL betting can be as simple as placing a wager on who you think will be the winner or maybe a draw. It is important to follow the trends of a certain team and also if it is a home or away game, some teams have outstanding home records that need to be taken into account.


The EPL consists of the most expensive clubs in the world, with oil giants and billionaires now funding most clubs, players are being bought and sold for tens of millions of dollars each! The intensive 10 months of EPL are both exciting and frustrating, but you grow to appreciate the master class of certain players, some of which are the most talented soccer players on the planet. With EPL betting you can bet on players in many different ways, whether it’s top goal scorer for the season, or scoring first in the coming game.

Betting on the score

Separate from other sports soccer is a very low scoring game, which isn’t a bad thing. The thrill of soccer is in the anticipation, not the continuous flow of points being scored. This is a fundamental part of EPL betting. Teams such as Liverpool have the lowest amount of goals scored against them this season but they also haven’t scored very many goals themselves, which means the score line will on average be relatively low. This makes it easy when predicting score margins because you can assume Liverpool will win by 1 or 2.