The Spring Carnival refers to a unique event on the Australian racing calendar, with Spring Carnival betting being an extremely popular choice among punters.

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, to give it its full name, is the premier festival of horse racing in Australia, and takes place during a crucial time in the Australian sporting year, October and November. The NRL and AFL seasons have just finished, and are thus no longer a betting option, and the cricket season has not yet started – for those who like a punt, Spring Carnival betting is the obvious thing to turn to at this time of year.

Spring racing, dubbed as ’50 days that will amaze’, is of course defined by its showpiece race, the Melbourne Cup , or the ‘race that stops a nation’. The Melbourne Cup takes place on every first Tuesday in November, and is the centre around which Spring Carnival betting revolves.

However, that is not to say the Carnival doesn’t host a plethora of other races to get any seasoned bettor’s blood racing. The Caulfield Carnival includes the Caulfield Guineas, the Caulfield Thousand Guineas and the Caulfield Cup.

The Geelong Carnival includes the famous Geelong Cup, while there is also the Moonee Valley Carnival and the Flemington Carnival.

As you would expect, Spring Carnival betting offers a host of betting options through The Spring Carnival also includes greyhound racing and harness racing.

It is important to keep in my mind that odds on all betting options are subject to change at any time, according to many factors including an increase in bets on any one outcome. Nevertheless, offers some of the most competitive Spring Carnival odds on the market.


This year’s Spring Carnival ranges all throughout spring, however the main event, the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival will be held from the 3rd to the 10th of November. Spring Carnival betting 2012 kicks off at the AAMI Victoria Derby Day, followed by the ‘race that stops the nation’, Crown Oaks Day and Emirate Stakes Day. The favourites for this year’s Melbourne Cup are thought to be the winners from 2011 and 2010′s races, Dunaden and Americain. However At First Sight and Moyenne Corniche will be looking to provide some competition.


Spring Carnival trifecta betting involves selecting the top three finishers in a single race. It is possible to bet on the horses finishing in an exact order, that is, first, second and third. A variation on the trifecta bet is to place money on the top three horses finishing in any order.

Trifecta betting typically requires a good knowledge of form, training and conditions, as it is one of the more challenging betting options. Trifecta betting odds can be long if there are a large number of horses in a field. The potential dividends can therefore be quite large.

Alternative options for those interested in Spring Carnival trifecta betting include ‘mystery’ trifectas, where a bookmaker makes an automatic choice of three horses for the bettor.

It is important to remember that to win dividends on a trifecta bet, the three horses must finish in the exact order predicted. Given the big winnings that can be paid out with trifectas, Spring Carnival trifecta betting can be extremely rewarding.


Again, coming out on top in an exacta bet can be a tricky business, but Spring Carnival exacta betting remains an attractive and potentially very rewarding option for those willing to take the punt.

An exacta bet is where a bettor must choose which two horses will finish in first and second place, in the exact order. If they do not finish in those precise positions, the bet is lost. Because of the importance of specificity in exacta betting, the money that can be won can be considerable, especially if the horses selected are not the favourites, and therefore have long odds. An exacta bet is typically only allowed on races with more than three runners.

Other more complex options for Spring Carnival exacta betting are box exactas, banker exactas and multiple exactas.


Quinella betting is only slightly different to exacta betting, although that difference is subtle enough to have major ramifications for dividends. Spring carnival quinella betting offers punters the chance to once again place money on which two horses will finish in first and second.

However, the quinella bet is distinct from an exacta in that the horses can finish in any order. The natural consequence of this is that the odds will be significantly shorter that in exacta betting, yet winnings can be substantial if unfancied horses are chosen.

Variations on quinella betting include standout quinellas, which involve selecting multiple horses to finish in the top two positions, thus there being more chance of achieving dividends, even if the odds are very much reduced. A box quinella and a banker quinella are also possible.


Spring Carnival fixed odds betting is a popular option among those looking for a straightforward bet that doesn’t require too much study of form or horse racing knowledge, and those casual bettors who may not place money on horses at any other time except at Spring Carnival.

Fixed odds betting entails simply taking odds offered on a horse winning, placing and so forth, at any given time. If a bettor places a bet according to odds that are given on one horse, say, two days before a race, the odds offered at the time of the bet are locked in for that punter. Odds are constantly fluctuating and changing according to a variety of factors, therefore it is fruitful to keep a keen eye on the ups and downs of odds as decided by bookmakers. Spring Carnival fixed odds betting is popular among punters nationwide.


Tote betting, also known as ‘pari-mutuel betting’, is distinctly different to fixed odds betting in that the odds on a punter’s bet are not known until all betting has closed on that particular race.

In the case of tote betting, the bookmaker adds up all stakes, then a ‘house percentage’ (ie, the bookmaker’s profit) is deducted. The remaining sum becomes the dividends that are then divided up between all the winning tickets.

Spring Carnival tote betting is a growing phenomenon. The key things to remember with tote betting are that when a favourite wins a race, with a lot of winning bets, the dividends paid out are naturally less because there are more people to pay out to. If an underdog wins the race, it follows that those with winning bets will take away larger dividends.


It is useful to keep an eye on which bookmakers offer the best tote betting throughout Spring Carnival. Frustration can be avoided by knowing the provides best tote odds according to the highest odds throughout the Australian states. typically offers a payout equal to the highest win dividends offered with the Australian TAB.

Spring Carnival best tote betting allows punters at this major betting event the peace of mind of knowing that adheres to the best tote around.


Spring Carnival specials betting is a good opportunity to take advantage of some of the more different or imaginative bets available. For example, odds might be offered on whether male or female horses will take the most race wins, or what the margins of victory (in lengths) might be.

Specials betting can also refer to special offers by These might include money back when one’s horse loses, cash back specials, free bets, promotions on multiples and so forth.

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