NRL Final Betting & Odds 2016

The NRL final is one of the greatest sporting showdowns on the sporting calendar. It’s a titanic struggle between two stellar outfits battling it out for the Provan-Summons trophy and for ultimate glory.

The occasion attracts thousands of spectators, who flood to Stadium Australia and some millions more who remain stuck to their TV sets. Luxbet is there with each of them, providing all manner of punters the chance to bet on this exciting moment.

Our bets provide a gateway for those once-a-year bettors to get involved and throw some money behind the team they think deserves to win or has what it takes to tally up the points. There is a unique appeal to NRL final betting and we provide one of the most diverse spreads and set of bets that exist on the big day.

Kicking off in March, the NRL season lasts 26 weekends. That’s half the calendar year chocked full of clashes between able teams, which ultimately culminates in the finals series commencing in September and the Grand Final taking place on the first weekend of October, which, this year is Sunday, 2 October. Put that in your calendars!

As well as being crowned premiers for the season, the winning team gets the chance to take on the titans from the motherland the following February, a match between our best outfit and the winner of the English Super League Grand Final. It’s also a decent chance to scope out the players that will feature in the Kangaroos, as more often than not, that team draws heavily from the Grand Final winners.


A guide to NRL finals betting

On the Day

The chief bet on Grand Final day is the head-to-head betting, where punters of all shapes and sizes rally behind the team they think has the edge. The bet skyrockets in popularity on the day to reflect the sheer number of casual punters who want to get amongst the action.

This year, Luxbet also offers punters the chance to get behind the team they think can win and can win by a certain margin. This is why we put forward line bets which offer seriously good value for those all levels of punters.

Some of the other hallmark bets that dominate the day involve first try scorer and predicting the score at half time, otherwise known as half-half bets. At this stage of the season, the 22 men on the paddock have earned their stripes and it is relatively easy to get some research in before loading your bet. The top try scorers for the season are probably on the field, so with a bit of sniff around for the relevant information, you could put together a nice array of bets that include the victory and maybe even the first try or points scorer.

Other bets that attract interest include top tackler on the day, leading points scorer and who may win the Clive Churchill Medal, which awards the best player on the day. The exciting and diverse range of bets is why Luxbet sits atop the bunch when it comes to putting some money down on this day of days.


The Grand Final can be the day where many punters land ultimate glory. Many have stuck their neck out on day one (or even earlier) and predicted the outcome of the entire season. By this stage, lots of punters will have sheered off, unable to locate those team that have galloped to the ultimate prize. But for those who remain, this is a day to remember.

Does history repeat itself?

The competition remains as dynamic as ever. A brief look at the statistics gives you some indication of who’s in the mix. Taking account of the fact that the South Sydney Rabbitohs have won the most grand-finals may guide your bet, but a look at their current, early season form may make you think twice on that bet. Looking to last season’s top try scorers like Radrada, Rona and Johnston may help guide you to an early decision on who will take out the Clive Churchill medal but beware making calls this early into the 2016 season.

A more consistent measure is looking to the coach. Wayne Bennet naturally springs to mind as his eye for the game is incisive and it’s worth rallying behind a man who knows his stuff. But Des Hasler and Michael Maguire also have a fine knowledge of the game as well.

Whatever your take on history and however far you dive into the stats, the day is always sure to be a belter.


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