NRL Betting 2016


For those who love a punt and love getting around the footy on a weekly basis, NRL is your go-to sport. The National Rugby League is the top version of the game, a fiercely competitive stoush among highly skilled, ferocious fellas who enjoy taking a hit and putting it all on the line. This year 2016 marks the 110th season of the game in Australia, widely regarded as the pinnacle competition in international circles.

This year, the North Queensland Cowboys are back to defend their title. Last year, they only just edged out the Broncos in the finals.

NRL betting has come to life in recent years with televised games receiving record ratings and average attendance at the games going strong. This popularity is likely put down to the fact that the stakes are getting higher and the teams are becoming more powerful, more athletic and more competitive.

Luxbet understands the value of careful selection with your weekend punts and we offer a full suite of betting options to cater for all forms of punter. Whether you’re new to the mix or a weathered veteran of the game, our odds will keep you glued to the game and provide a cracking experience.

Getting behind a first point scorer bet, for instance, is no easy task, but offers tremendous value. Players like James Tedesco and Kevin Naiquama from the Tigers are revealing real value as they pounce out of the barriers early. Jarrod Croker and Johnathan Thurston are also stacking up some nice early points between the sticks.

Luxbet is your home for NRL betting, a one-stop-shop for all types of bets on all games over the course of the whole season. Get in and have a crack!


A guide to NRL betting

The betting hype deserves a decent menu and below we serve up some solid bets that are sure to satisfy any appetite.


Match betting

For the entry-level punter, match betting, otherwise known as ‘head-to-head’ is probably the simplest way to get around the NRL. With this bet, you place money on the winner of any NRL match, according to the bookie odds. These odds naturally shift to reflect the recent form, injury list and other things like weather conditions. But it’s important to remember that those bets also shift depending on what other punters do.

Line betting

This is for the more gamely punter. Only slightly more complex than match betting, line betting focusses on the margin of victory in question. In any given match, say between the Roosters and Cronulla, the Sharks might be offered a ‘line’ of 12 points and so they therefore need win by a margin of 12 or more for you to get your bet. If the Roosters get within 12 points or win, then you’ve done your money.

Live betting

For the bold punter who loves getting into the action when it happens, this is a relatively recent addition to NRL betting, where bets can be placed on a game as it is in progress, with odds changing constantly according to how the match is playing out. Odds may shift dramatically and provide great value if you know your team of choice is a late charger.


Futures betting in NRL is an exciting version of the punt. It is possible to place a bet on a team winning the grand final before the season begins or mid-season. These odds are priced fantastically to reflect the fact that you’ve put money behind a huge call!


NRL betting would not be complete without taking into account the individual achievements of players. Futures bets are an option, such as who will end up top try-scorer or points-scorer come the end of the year, as well as match-by-match bets on players, such as who will score the first try of a game, make the most tackles or the most hit-ups.