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Rosehill (NSW) 4-1-2 5-6-4 13-3-1 4-5-7 5-4-6 5-13-12 29m 1h 9m 1h 49m   
Pakenham (VIC) 4-1-7 5-4-2 8-3-13 9-14-2 6-7-4 9m 49m 1h 29m 2h 4m   
Eagle Farm (QLD) 3-2-4 1-9-7 7-2-9 6-9-4 RUN 37m 1h 17m 1h 57m 2h 33m   
Ascot (WA) 10-12-8 13m 53m 1h 33m 2h 9m 2h 44m 3h 24m 4h 9m 4h 49m   
Morphettville (SA) 5-2-1 6-4-7 5-10-9 8-5-1 4-5-1 1m 41m 1h 21m    
Gold Coast (QLD) 5-1-6 4-1-7 8-2-15 3-5-7 17m 57m 1h 37m 2h 17m    
Newcastle (NSW) 5-1-4 5-4-6 1-2-7 4-8-2 9-1+7-4 5m 45m 1h 25m    
Benalla (VIC) 2-3-7 7-13-4 9-13-6 5-3-9 25m 1h 5m 1h 45m 2h 21m    
Kilcoy (QLD) 11-10-5 4-3-7 6-3-8 12-6-10 1-3-5 33m 1h 13m     
Wagga (NSW) 7-4-8 1-8-4 5-3-8 21m 1h 1m 1h 41m      
Toowoomba (QLD) 1h 53m 2h 29m 3h 4m 3h 44m 4h 24m 5h 4m 5h 44m     
Darwin (NT) 23m 1h 3m 1h 43m 2h 19m 2h 53m       
Trentham (NZL) 10-2-3 5-2-7 9-12-2 3-8-4 6-5-1 15-10-4 4-1-16 19-6-2 11-3-4 6-1-12  
Ellerslie (NZL) 6-8-4 3-7-2 6-9-11 5-6-15 2-12-8 RUN 39m 1h 19m    
Aintree Uk (GBR) 7h 9m 7h 39m 8h 9m 8h 44m 9h 19m 9h 49m 10h 24m     
Turffontein (ZAF) 5h 9m 5h 44m 6h 24m 7h 4m 7h 44m 8h 19m 8h 54m 9h 29m 10h 4m 10h 39m 11h 9m
Kenilworth (ZAF) 6h 34m 7h 14m 7h 54m 8h 34m 9h 9m 9h 44m 10h 19m 10h 54m 11h 29m   
Wetherby (GBR) 7h 19m 7h 49m 8h 19m 8h 54m 9h 29m 9h 59m 10h 34m     
Chepstow (GBR) 7h 44m 8h 14m 8h 49m 9h 24m 9h 54m 10h 29m 10h 59m     
Fairyhouse (IRL) 7h 4m 7h 34m 8h 4m 8h 34m 9h 9m 9h 39m 10h 14m 10h 49m    
Sandown Park Uk (GBR) 7h 29m 7h 59m 8h 29m 9h 4m 9h 34m 10h 9m 10h 39m     
Pau (FRA) 6h 59m 7h 29m 7h 59m 8h 29m 8h 59m 9h 39m 10h 9m 10h 39m    
Sale (VIC) 21h 4m 21h 39m 22h 14m 22h 49m 23h 24m 23h 59m 1d 34m     
Geelong (VIC) 21h 29m 22h 4m 22h 39m 23h 14m 23h 49m 1d 24m 1d 54m     
Hawkesbury (NSW) 21h 19m 21h 54m 22h 29m 23h 4m 23h 39m 1d 14m 1d 51m 1d 1h    
Sunshine Coast (QLD) 21h 34m 22h 9m 22h 44m 23h 19m 23h 54m 1d 29m 1d 1h 1d 1h    
Murray Bridge (SA) 21h 24m 21h 59m 22h 34m 23h 9m 23h 44m 1d 19m 1d 59m 1d 1h    
Nowra (NSW) 21h 44m 22h 19m 22h 54m 23h 29m 1d 4m 1d 39m 1d 1h     
Bunbury (WA) 1d 43m 1d 1h 1d 1h 1d 2h 1d 2h 1d 3h 1d 3h 1d 4h    
Alice Springs (NT) 1d 5m 1d 35m 1d 1h 1d 1h 1d 2h       
Waipukurau (NZL) 18h 49m 19h 22m 19h 57m 20h 32m 21h 7m 21h 42m 22h 17m 22h 52m 23h 27m   
Taree (NSW) 2d 21h 2d 21h 2d 22h 2d 23h 2d 23h 3d 24m 3d 59m 3d 1h    
Tamworth (NSW) 1d 21h 1d 22h 1d 22h 1d 23h 1d 23h 2d 29m 2d 1h 2d 1h    
Terang (VIC) 1d 21h 1d 21h 1d 22h 1d 22h 1d 23h 1d 23h 2d 9m 2d 39m 2d 1h 2d 1h  
Wangaratta (VIC) 2d 21h 2d 22h 2d 22h 2d 23h 2d 23h 3d 9m 3d 39m 3d 1h    
Beaudesert (QLD) 2d 22h 2d 23h 3d 4m 3d 44m 3d 1h 3d 1h      

Harness Racing

Greyhound Racing Betting

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