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Grafton (NSW) 8-4-1 8-13-2 1-4-2 7-4-10 4-14-11 13-4-7 4-9-11    
Geelong (VIC) 8-9-2 9-1-5 1-5-6 6-10-7 8-3-4 10-5-8 6-1-5 6-3-5   
Kilcoy (QLD) 2-8-9 7-2-8 5-7-6 6-7-3 1-6-8 1-2-6     
Canberra (ACT) 1-11-5 5-2-1 4-8-2 8-4-6 8-7-5 6-2-8 10-5-6 6-9-8   
Beverley (GBR) 5-9-1 4-7-13 5-3-6 6-5-1 1-3-5 6-4-5     
Longchamp (FRA)       4-1-3 5-10-8 1-13-4 8-9-11 18-8-7   
Perth Uk (GBR) 2-1-6 9-6-10 1-4-2 8-6-5 6-8+F-4      
Vaal (ZAF) 3-2-14 8-1-2 7-13-3 1-10-2 1-12-3 6-5-8 1-7-3 13-3-11 4-6-3 2-13-5
Warwick Uk (GBR) 2-7-3 3-9-12 2-6-1 1-7-5 2-7-6 1-4-5     
Waterlea (NZL) 6-5-2 1-4-6 1-2-4 6-1-11 8-5-3 7-6-4 2-9-5 11-1-6   
Warwick Farm (NSW) 9h 28m 10h 3m 10h 38m 11h 13m 11h 52m 12h 27m 13h 2m 13h 38m   
Flemington (VIC) 9h 48m 10h 23m 10h 58m 11h 33m 12h 8m 12h 44m 13h 20m 13h 56m   
Bathurst (NSW) 10h 13m 10h 48m 11h 23m 11h 59m 12h 35m 13h 11m 13h 47m    
Gosford (NSW) 9h 18m 9h 53m 10h 28m 11h 3m 11h 38m 12h 13m 12h 49m 13h 25m   
Moe (VIC) 10h 8m 10h 43m 11h 18m 11h 56m 12h 31m 13h 7m 13h 43m    
Yarra Valley (VIC) 9h 59m 10h 35m 11h 10m 11h 45m 12h 20m 12h 55m     
Beaudesert (QLD) 9h 58m 10h 33m 11h 8m 11h 43m 12h 18m 12h 53m 13h 29m    
Gawler (SA) 9h 43m 10h 18m 10h 53m 11h 28m 12h 4m 12h 40m 13h 16m 13h 52m   
Avondale (NZL) 8h 10m 8h 40m 9h 10m 9h 41m 10h 11m 10h 44m 11h 19m 11h 49m   
Awapuni (NZL) 7h 55m 8h 25m 8h 55m 9h 25m 9h 56m 10h 31m 11h 6m 11h 39m   
Chepstow (GBR) 22h 48m 23h 18m 23h 48m 1d 23m 1d 58m 1d 1h 1d 1h    
Doncaster (GBR) 19h 8m 19h 38m 20h 8m 20h 43m 21h 13m 21h 48m 22h 23m    
Fairview (ZAF) 16h 58m 17h 33m 18h 13m 18h 48m 19h 23m 19h 58m 20h 33m 21h 13m 21h 48m  
Perth Uk (GBR) 19h 48m 20h 18m 20h 53m 21h 23m 21h 58m 22h 33m 23h 8m    
Sandown Park Uk (GBR) 19h 28m 19h 58m 20h 33m 21h 3m 21h 38m 22h 13m 22h 43m    
Randwick (NSW) 1d 9h 1d 9h 1d 10h 1d 11h 1d 11h 1d 12h 1d 12h 1d 13h   
Sandown (VIC) 1d 8h 1d 9h 1d 10h 1d 10h 1d 11h 1d 11h 1d 12h 1d 13h   
Eagle Farm (QLD) 1d 9h 1d 9h 1d 10h 1d 10h 1d 11h 1d 12h 1d 12h 1d 13h   
Morphettville (SA) 1d 9h 1d 9h 1d 10h 1d 11h 1d 11h 1d 12h 1d 13h 1d 13h   
Ascot (WA) 1d 11h 1d 11h 1d 12h 1d 12h 1d 13h 1d 14h 1d 14h 1d 15h   

Greyhound Racing

Harness Racing Betting

Online Harness Racing Betting has got even better with Luxbet. You will find all the latest Australian harness racing results, some of the best harness racing odds around,easy online harness racing betting and free harness racing tips. Everything you need for online harness racing betting is here.

There’s a huge range of horse racing betting options on every race including Best of the Best, LuxDiv, Fixed Odds, Top Fluc and Exotics.

Harness Racing is also known as trotting and there are over 1900 Australian harness race meetings each year. If there is a harness race on today, find out where and start betting online now with Luxbet.