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Luxbet's fast and easy-to-use apps and .mobi site offer exotics plus fixed and tote odds betting on racing and a full suite of fixed odds betting on a wide range of sports. Every market on Luxbet is available on your mobile device.

iPhone and iPad


The full range of betting products from the browser on your mobile device. No download required.


Deposit Funds

Top-up your Luxbet account with in-app credit card deposits.

Swipe to scroll

Quickly scroll between races, form, results and sports events.

Open Account

New to Luxbet? Create an account via the app and start betting today.

Racing - Form

The form for Thoroughbred races.

Racing - Flucs

See the flucs for Fixed Odds.

Racing - Results

See at a glance results on the race selection screen and in detail on the results screen.

Sky Sports Radio

Listen to Sky Sports Radio.

4 Digit Pin

Quickly login to your account with a 4 digit pin.

Multi Mode

Shake your device to enable and starting placing multis on racing and sports.



(4DP) What is 4-digit passcode login?
It's a quick and secure way to login into your Luxbet account from any racing or sports screen. It's optional and available as an alternative to, not a replacement for, typing your username and password to login.

(4DP) What devices is passcode login available for?
It's available for iPhone and iPad. Note: It only works on iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 5 or 6. Customers can find their iOS version through Settings > General > About > Version.

(4DP) Is the passcode the same as my Luxbet account password?
No, passcode is unique to your device and separate from your Luxbet account password.

(4DP) I've forgotten my passcode. Can I change/reset my passcode?
Yes. The steps are My Account > 4-Digit Passcode > Reset Passcode > Enter Luxbet Username and Password > Reset passcode button > Enter 4-digit pin > Confirm 4-digit pin.

(4DP) Can Customer Service reset my passcode?
No, passcode is unique to your device and separate from your Luxbet account password.

(4DP) Do I have to use passcode login?
No, passcode is optional and available as an alternative to, not a replacement for, typing your username and password. Customers can continue to use Luxbet username and password to login.

(4DP) Help! I've changed my Luxbet account password through the website and passcode doesn't work.
When an account password is changed customers have to reset their passcode through their device.


(iOS) Do I have to delete my existing Luxbet app before downloading the new app?
No, however a small number of customers might need to. This can be done by pressing down on the app icon until a (X) appears in the top left hand corner. Tapping the (X) again will present a message asking users to delete the app.

(iOS) Why does Luxbet ask to 'Use Your Current Location' the first time I open the app?
Luxbet is required by Apple to request that Location Services are enabled due to legal requirements in countries where online wagering is prohibited. Luxbet does not have access to, or require, customers location information.

(iOS) When placing a Racing Exotic bet I get an error message 'This type of combination bet is not allowed with the current selections'.
When this occurs customers should log out and log back in. This should allow them to place Exotic bets.

(iOS) When placing a Racing Win/Place bet I get an error message 'Selection not available for betting'. What does this mean?
Occasionally Win/Place betting will not be available for a selection even though the App displays it as available.


How do I enable multi-mode?
Giving the device a quick shake should be enough to enable multi-mode and a green message will display in the centre of the screen. Shaking the device again will display a red message and turn multi-mode off.


Can I join, deposit or withdraw through the apps?
Yes, you can now create an account and deposit through the apps. Please log in to Luxbet.com or call Customer Service on 1300 589 238 to make a withdrawal.


I have a question about the app. Who can I contact?
If you have any questions or issues downloading or using the app contact Customer Service on 1300 589 238.